A Conclusion of My Graduate Public Relations Study

I am so happy that I passed the graduation thesis defense. Now I am a graduate student of public relations. During my PR graduate study, I have learned a lot from my professors and projects. My thesis adviser is Dr. Alaimo. She is a responsible and precise person. I took four professional courses with her; therefore, I am familiar… Continue reading A Conclusion of My Graduate Public Relations Study

A Comparison and Contrast of Marketing and PR

I recently read some articles and find that some enterprises take no account of PR department and even put some functions of PR department in marketing department. Today I want to express personal views about PR and marketing. I think the difference between marketing and public relations is that marketing is to praise themselves, however,… Continue reading A Comparison and Contrast of Marketing and PR

The PeRformance of Hotels at Facebook on Valentine’s Day

Hilton Hotels and Marriott Hotels are active users of social media and networking sites. Both of them gain much high attention as well as good effects. I am interested in their performance on social media in public holidays or big events. This year for Valentine’s day is a big day for hotel industry as usual. I show two posts of the official Hilton Hotels & Resorts Facebook account and the official Marriott Hotels Facebook account on Valentine’s day and analyze the results of their performance. Apparently both of them adopted romantic love words and stunning photos to draw viewers’ attention and added link to illustrate more content. Hilton received 84 “like”s an 14 “share”s. However, Marriott only obtained 45 “like”s and 2 “share”s. The performanc of Hilton were far superior to the performance of Marriott. In my opinion, Marriott convey that there is no place more romantic than Paris, because Paris is known for romance. Whereas the concept was not new and unique, so it might not interest the audiences. It is necessary to win back the lost interest and participation in posts.